Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Holland Bakery Lapis Legit / Layer Legit

Lapis Legit / Layer Legit Holland Bakery
By a big festival like Christmas, New Year, Idul Fitri, dan juga Chinese New Year, Holland Bakery has been preparing a variety of options as a wedding or special products to be enjoyed in order to celebrate a great festival. One of the most sought-after product is legit product layer. "Holland Bakery has been producing layer legit since 1988. We have several layers of legit variant of a favorite,”. Lapis Legit topping Kenari, Lapis Prunes, Lapis Cheese, Lapis Maskovisch, Layered Chocolate and Pandan Layer is a product of interest from time to time. Layered flavors typical of Holland Bakery legit obtained from the use of the best ingredients and are packaged in a slick. "Packaging is an important element to provide more value to a product, as well as sticky layer which we produce. By the Chinese New Year this time we have made packaging with red shades which are very interesting,”

:::: These are the variants of Layer Legit ::::

> Lapis / Layer Legit Topping Kenari

Prices : 360.000 Rupiahs

> Lapis / Layer Legit Pandan

Prices : 360.000 Rupiahs

> Lapis / Layer Legit Chocolate

Rupiahs : 360.000 Rupiahs

> Lapis Layer Legit Maskovisch

Prices : 360.000 Rupiahs

> Lapis / Layer Legit Prunes

Prices : 405.000 Rupiahs

> Lapis / Layer Legit Cheese

Prices : 405.000 Rupiahs

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